Business level

  • Focus on business needs rather than on specific technologies or products
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Risk management & risk sharing during all stages of the project

Project level

  • Well - established project management
  • Long-term experience in project sponsorship, leading and participating
  • Commitment to quality: on-time, within-budget delivery and full compliance with customer requirements
  • Broad reliance on reusable components

Customer Relationships

  • Openness and transparency of the company structure and the processes, flexibility of development and relations management
  • Close cooperation with the customer at all stages of the project, inclusion of customer representatives in project teams
  • Real-time information exchange
  • Adaptation of development processes to customer standards

Technological Advantage

  • Utilization of existing infrastructure
  • Cross-platform expertise
  • Specialized technology skill